Moving to Asheville

To study herbalism and massage therapy. :) 

Life is going great, <3. 

12:56 am  •  22 May 2012
maybe…. justttt maybe…

Maybe I like being able to control when I eat, and I like it when I can go over 24 hrs. without even thinking about food.

Maybe I like not being tied down to a significant other and always having to check in about where Im going.

Maybe I like hula hooping all the time, sure…. I may have social anxiety without my hoop but at least I am always working out.

Sorry, I don’t have to drink all the time… and keep people around only at arm’s length… Sorry I dont care that sometimes I am alone. Maybe I like it that way…

And if you can only be my friend when it is convenient to you, then maybe I like not having you in my life…

<3 Maybe, I am carving my own happiness out of life. Maybe you could try it sometime. 

5:31 pm  •  20 May 2012